SteamWerks HQ

Model 19729 - 2451 pieces

Inspired by steampunk and the early industrial age, the SteamWerks HQ model brings the excitement of building into the 21st century.


This modular building consists of an office on the ground floor, complete with a desk for meetings, as well as tools, stationery and storage items. Next to the office is the fully functioning workshop, complete with a conveyor belt , giant gears and flames and steam spewing from the plumbing! Turn the crank handle at the back of the building to see the workshop come to life!


On the upper floor is the massive coal burning room where the steam power is generated for the workshop. Open the huge glass skylight to see inside and let the fans blow the excess steam out! The coal delivery room adjoins the burning room - turn the handle on top of the roof to lift the next coal delivery up from below. Make no mistake - it's a tough job working in the coal room...


The model comes with 8 mini-figures who all have jobs to perform including an office manager, painter, workshop mechanic and coal delivery man with his cart.

360 Degree View

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