Exhibition - Pops Toys - March 2018

The Pops Toys exhibition at Northmead Square was the first time that I had exhibited any of my new SteamWerks models so I was feeling a bit unsure of how they would be received. The models were ready some time before the weekend but I was still unsure of how to display them on the table provided.

I knew I wanted to enhance the build by creating the word STEAMPUNK using Technic axles, connectors, gears etc. as well as normal tiles. The pieces arrived a few days before the weekend but I managed to get the letters done quite quickly and I was happy with the result.

The displaying of the models with the large baseplates connected vertically to the back of the flat baseplates was actually my girlfriend’s idea so I take no credit for that except stating at the time “You want me to connect it how…?” Once the baseplates were connected the rest fell into place nicely.

I think the general reception for my new models was quite favourable. I found it interesting that more adults seemed to like the models than kids, which might have a bit to do with the more muted colour palette of the models.

I ended up being talked into giving an interview by fellow zaLUG member Paul and I have so say I felt very uncomfortable and out of my depth… I still haven’t seen the final video which is probably a good thing.

The major issue that I had with my display was the fact that everything was static. Steampunk lends itself to movement due to the large number of gears and axles that are used so I felt that I needed to work on that for the next exhibition.

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