Exhibition - Clearwater Mall - August 2018

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

After the Pops Toys event earlier in the year I was pondering what I could do to take my next exhibition to the next level. I received quite a bit of feedback at that event that my models looked “like real LEGO sets” and a few people asked me where I bought them.

I decided that the only thing to do then was to make the models feel like “real sets” by creating my own theme and packaging for them. This was really the point where the SteamWerks brand was born. (The design process will be a separate blog post in future).

The other challenge that I presented to myself for this event was to build a SteamWerks HQ modular building.

Disclaimer: I am in no way authorised to use the LEGO logo / brand in the packaging I designed. The sets aren't for sale, it was all created just for display purposes.

My exhibition at Clearwater was a lot simpler than the Pops Toys one as I wanted the models to stand apart this time. I displayed the 3 model sets (Flyyer MkII, Das Automobile and Radar Ranger) along with their packaging on the left side of the table and the rest including the modular on the right.

I created and printed a set of instructions for the Flyyer MkII and provide a second set of bricks for the public to build the model themselves. Parents are constantly telling their kids not to touch at these events so I think it was welcome relief for a few of them that they could actually interact a bit more.

Members of the public building Flyyer MKII

The feedback on my display was generally very good. Quite a few members of the public asked where they could buy the sets as they had not seen them before. Even one or two of the zaLUG members walked up to my display looking very confused that a LEGO theme could exist that they had never seen before…


I didn’t get around to motorising any of sets because the packaging design kept me very busy so that would be challenge for the next exhibition.

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