Exhibition - Brickfair - October 2018

The annual BrickFair event is the biggest exhibition event of the year where members of the different South African LUG’s and other Lego enthusiasts exhibit their latest and greatest builds. This year was my 4th BrickFair and the second to be held at the Grove Mall in Pretoria east. The event has been growing every year and this year had over 300 tables on display.

Compared to last year’s massive 10 base plate build where I was completely stressed out about transporting everything – this year was very calm and chill. I decided to just display my models individually on the tables so everything fitted into the car quite comfortably. I had two new builds on display – my relatively large ship-boat-rocket-space-ship (?) and a time travel laboratory vignette. I connected them both to my AC powered train controller which is a much better solution than the 40-50 batteries I used last year. Unfortunately the ship-boat-rocket-space-ship’s (?) internal automation system started to sound a bit dodgy after running for 5 hours and then it eventually broke completely. Building moving parts with Lego is always tricky when it needs to run for hours at a time (note to self for next time – build it so that it can’t break).

My main focus for this year’s event was the modular building competition. I own 5 of the Lego modulars so I had a reference for size and design but I really wanted to do something unique. I built a SteamWerks HQ modular building for the Clearwater event as a challenge to myself but it had a few design issues that I sorted out before BrickFair. The competition rules were fairly detailed in terms of the modular design and functionality so I knew it had to be exactly right.

My modular spent the weekend on a separate table with the other competition entries. I have to admit that I checked out the competition and I thought the level of the entries was very high. Mine looked completely different to any of the others which had a more “general Lego” theme to them.

The entries were judged anonymously by an international Lego expert and when the results were announced I was surprised (and very happy) to hear that I took first place in the competition. It all felt a bit surreal… Thanks to Toy Adventures for the awesome prize – the Assembly Square set.

There were a few builds on the weekend that really impressed me. The best in show for me was fellow zaLUG member Paul’s 4x scale build of the classic space set 928. His attention to detail and the time and effort invested in the build are really impressive.

I also really enjoyed checking out the detail in the zaLUG castle build. Some of the techniques used were an eye-opener for me and the scale of the team project is really quite awesome.

Exhibiting with the zaLUG crew is always good fun and it is always good to see the willingness to share ideas and trade pieces amongst the members. On Saturday Willi took a look at my time travel vignette and said he had some vintage Technic pieces that could help improve it. He dropped the pieces off on Sunday and said I could have them for free... awesome gesture. I'll definitely be using them for something cool in the near future.

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