SteamWerks is a collection of LEGO models designed and built by Sean Coetzer.


The SteamWerks LEGO collection currently consists of 15 models including a modular building. 

The current models available on the website are:


How long have you been building LEGO?

I've been building "seriously" for around 7 years. There were two main events that sparked my interest. The first was the release of the LEGO Monster Fighters theme in 2012. I've always been a fan of vampire folklore and good vampire movies and when LEGO released a theme that contained a haunted house, hearse and vampire castle I was hooked.


The second event was when I attended my first BrickFair exhibition that was held in October 2013. I was amazed at what the guys and girls were building. I exhibited at BrickFair for the first time in 2014 and then for the following 3 years with bigger and bigger builds every time. After my 2017 buiId I felt that I had exhausted the Monster Fighters theme so I decided to look for something else to do and that is when SteamWerks was born.

How many LEGO pieces do you own?

I'm not exactly sure. My BrickSet account says around 65 000, but that only accounts for the sets and minifigs that I own. I have probably bought around another 12 000 pieces specifically for my SteamWerks builds.

Where do you buy your LEGO?

When I buy sets I usually buy from local toy shops. There are plenty of shops in the Gauteng area. I have also bought sets from local sellers via BrickLink. When buying specific pieces for my SteamWerks builds I buy exclusively from BrickLink.

Which are your favourite LEGO sets?

Of the sets that I own my favourite is the Monster Fighters Haunted House. I really like the colour palette and the slightly decaying feel of the exterior of the building. The detail in the interior is also very cool and the minifigs are awesome.

The Batman Tumbler released in 2014 is another of my favourites. I'm also coincidentally a huge Batman fan so when LEGO released this set I couldn't wait to get hold of it. I eventually found one locally and I think the model is awesome. The design to get all the uneven panels and shapes to look like the actual vehicle is very impressive.

Of the most recent sets I've bought I really like the Old Fishing Store. It originated from a LEGO Ideas creation and I really like the rustic, ramshackle look of the model.

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